Love & Peace

$950.00 incl. GST

Original Artwork
59.5cm (w) x 89cm (h) x 1.5cm (d)
Mixed Media on canvas
Ready to Hang


Love & Peace

I was inspired to paint the beauty of dropping, luscious orchids in flower. They are so stunningly beautiful, they take your breathe away. I love nature, beauty and colour so this has inspired my series on blossoms. Bringing the beauty of the natural world to you in a vibrant, free flowing, loose style of acrylic painting.

Invite a calming, refreshing moment into your life so that you experience calmness and healing within. This painting offers you a feeling of stillness in the breeze.

This painting would lift your environment or room by adding nature, colour, beauty, light and freshness.

Disclaimer: The size may appear slightly different in a room due to the app used, although I have tried to represent them on the walls as close to their actual size as possible.

Free flowing acrylic on canvas ready for hanging or framing

Signed on the front.


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