Monet’s Pond

$450.00 incl. GST

Original Artwork
59.5cm (w) x 42cm (h)
Mixed media on watercolour paper
Requires Framing


Monet’s Pond

I love nature, beauty and colour so this has inspired my nature series. I am especially inspired by Monet and his amazing gardens, ponds and flowers. Bringing the beauty of the natural world to you in a vibrant, free flowing, loose style of abstract painting. Inspired by the beautiful turquoise sky and sea on a sunny day.

This painting would lift your environment or room by adding nature, colour, beauty and light.

Watercolour and ink paintings contain a luminosity that shines through each painting.

Disclaimer: The size may appear slightly different in a room due to the app used, although I have tried to represent them on the walls as close to their actual size as possible.

Free flowing watercolour and inks on 300gms Fabriano watercolour paper ready for framing

Signed on the front.


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