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Essence of Bali art and yoga retreat

8th – 22nd May 2024 – fully booked!

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Imbibe the peace, joy and spirituality of Bali. Appreciate the richness of their culture, and their genuine friendliness.

The Balinese experience a gentle existence. Family, gods and spirituality are important factors in their daily life. They are all about balance in their life, while having an innate gentleness and acceptance for whatever is happening. Allow this to overflow into your being, creating quietness and peace within.

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Join us in Bali and experience the beauty of the Island of the Gods. You will be transformed by the beauty of the people, the spirituality, and the inner joy that rises to the surface while you’re there.

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Dive deep into the beauty of your inner self.

Enjoy 14 days of luxury accommodation at a five-star villa for our exclusive use, a small group of 12 people. The villa is in the heart of Ubud, the art and spiritual centre of Bali. Rooms are twin share, 2 single beds per room.

Each day will start with either morning yoga taught by Swami Mukti, or Qigong taught by Maia, followed by Western or Traditional Indonesian cuisine. After breakfast, you will be immersed in sound/colour/intuitive art where you will have the opportunity to create your own healing/blessing painting plus your Inner Divinity guided through the creative process by Maia.

Following the morning activities, you will enjoy water purification ceremonies, treatments/massages, exploring Ubud centre, experiencing the local cuisine, the famous Ubud Arts Market, sampling the delicious Gelati, unlike anywhere else, and much more. Also available on site is our very own Balinese Healer.

There is a blessing ceremony at both the beginning of the retreat and another at the end of the retreat to activate all that has transformed within you.

Immerse yourself in sound and intuitive art sessions.

sound healing, colour & intuitive art

In these sessions you be immersed in sound healing, colour and intuitive art taught by Maia where you will have the opportunity to create your own Inner Divinity painting, guided through the creative process by Maia.

Open your heart and mind to your Inner Divinity, your Goddess or Buddha Within. Explore your inner self, the sacred part of you using sound, colour, meditation, intent, ritual and intuitive art.

No artistic experience or ability is required as instruction will be given every step of the way. Just be there with an open mind and heart ready to find the deep beauty within yourself.

Early MorningYoga & Qigong


During the retreat there will be early morning Yoga classes taught by Swami Muktibodhananda Saraswati, which will be a therapeutic style of gentle Hatha Yoga to relieve stress, gain flexibility, heal the body, or perhaps to improve your energy. You can use Yoga for all these purposes but apart from the purely physical effects Yoga is also designed to help you create a unique inner journey of self-development allowing your Divine inner beauty to shine.


On some mornings, instead of Yoga there will be Qigong sessions taught by Maia. The invisible energy surrounding us is the breath of life to all beings and all of nature—that of air, sunlight, and water. Cultivation of Chi is deeply rooted in nature, the Earth, and the universe surrounding us. When you purposely cultivate and enhance your Chi or Prana you are accessing and circulating healing energy throughout your mind, body and spirit. In this way you can reclaim your energy, heal from dis-ease, and move towards self-transformation.

Enjoy the Nurturing in Bali

Reset your body, mind and soul at our Bali Retreat. Bali is a haven for relaxation, transformation, and healing. With its sublime massages & treatments, majestic mountains, sacred temples, and rich culture, you will be rejuvenated and ‘reborn’.

Facial massage at Bali Retreat
Food at Bali Retreat
Massage items displayed on small table


Maia Martin, and her husband Waiyne, have a deep understanding and appreciation for the Balinese way of life. They have become ‘conscious’ travelers to this beautiful and spiritual island of the gods. Allow them to share their knowledge and respect for the Balinese way of life while staying in a five-star villa.

Maia will be sharing her knowledge, wisdom and skills in Qigong, sound, colour & intuitive art sessions where you will be working on your personal Divine Within paintings.

Swami Muktibodhananda Saraswati is a Yogacharya Master of Yoga who has dedicated the last 45 years of her life to experiencing and teaching Yoga and meditation. She will be sharing her vast skills and knowledge with us in the morning Yoga classes.

Bali Retreat testimonial

How lucky am I to have met you both, lovely hearts!

I am so grateful for your time and effort for us. I had tremendous experiences that I’d never experienced if I had come by myself.

I am so grateful for all the experiences and people that you led me to meet. I am so looking forward to having a wonderful time with you next year!


Art & Yoga Bali Retreat 2025

Join us for a fully guided transformative and nurturing retreat.

Workshops Coming in 2024.

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Create a change within, balancing your mind, body and soul.

Monthly Workshops

Chakra Nada, Yantra & Mantra Workshops

On the first Sunday of every month, beginning in February we will be running monthly Sunday afternoon workshops on the Sound, Chakra & Mantra workshops. Each workshop will focus on one chakra with sound, yantra and mantra. It will be necessary to commit yourself to the group of workshops so that all your chakras are activated.

During the day there will be an explanation about Yantra’s as geometric healing tools for enhancing your energy, meditation, and assisting you to acheive your current goal by Swami Muktibodhanda Saraswati. After this you will experience sound healing with crystal bowls / Tibetan bowls and other sound instruments. There will then be vibrational healing of your chakras in a large copper pyramid using specialised vibrational tuning forks with Maia Martin. Sound is called Nada. Healing is magnified greatly when performed inside a copper pyramid.

You will colour your personal Yantra, meditate on it with mantra, and finally it will be activated with mantra and tuning forks so that when you go home you are attuned to your personal Yantra and Mantra. The Yantras used during these workshops are for each specific chakra.

Lastly, we will gather in the copper pyramid to experience a beautiful flower petal and mantra offering ceremony to the Universal Energy which manifests everything we know in the material world. You will end the day in bliss and joy!

Anata - This abstracted mixed media artwork portrays the Yogic hand mudra for Anahata, the heart chakra. Beneath the hand mudra is a turquoise lotus flower embellished with love, peace and joy, adding to the composition. Lotus flowers are symbolic of rising from the mud of life towards purity, transformation, and enlightenment. In the background is a turquoise and ochre mandala. Mandalas are used as a focus for meditation, and self-awareness.

Date: Monthly beginning 4th February 2024
8 meditators at each workshop
$80 ($75 early bird special)
1pm – 4pm; Held at Darra, Qld

Watercolour painting in progress with tray of paints and brushes to one side

Lisa said …..I want to thank you Maia for such an enjoyable & rewarding experience. My initial feelings of apprehension soon disappeared in the nurturing and peaceful setting you created for our art classes.
I loved the sound healing & meditation at the start of our session which really provided the grounding needed, to just let go and be creative.

Participant painting a mandala painting at the Bali retreat.

Carol said …..Your gentle guidance and ability to instill a sense of self-belief in us as adults, is simply beautiful – and I am so genuinely grateful to you for your support, your non-judgmental guidance and your ability to share your own amazing talent with us so easily. 

artwork - original artwork in progress. The painting shows green leaves, some deep pink flowers and a paint tray.

Ellaine said …..It seems a long time since I used a paint brush solely for me and tapping into my creative side. Having spent the time with you in the journey of meditation and having permission to play with paint was liberating. With your guidance and patience, I was able to create my own divine within art masterpiece which has become a personal favourite.

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