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Lakeside Glory - An abstract landscape artwork portraying lake, trees, and the sky in natural colours of brown, ochre, black, white and grey. The painting is hanging on a pale wall, behind a wooden cabinet and decorating items.
Quiet contemplation - a mixed media painting portraying a female Buddha meditating, a pale pink and ochre lotus flower in the foreground and an ochre mandala patterned background. Lotus flowers are representative of growing out of the muddy waters of life with purity, serenity and natural beauty. The painting is hanging on a pale wall behind a chaise lounge, small table and a large lamp.


‘inspiring serenity and beauty in life’

I love creating inspirational artworks, running transformational workshops or retreats, and writing for my blogs and newsletters. I have been an artist since high school and am a trained art therapist. For over 30 years I have been teaching yoga, qigong, sound healing, colour healing and energy works, bridging the physical and spiritual worlds.

I am deeply connected to the Divine within, and to nature in all it’s beautiful forms. Creating from these wonders while sharing my knowledge with others inspires and uplifts me. This provides the desire to acquire more self- knowledge to share.

I use meditation, rituals, ceremonies, chants, sound, and colour in my life and I also use these in every painting I create imbuing the artwork with positive energy. I love sharing my knowledge on art and self-nurturing with others so that they too can enhance their lives.

If you love artworks, workshops, retreats and self-nurturing look around my website!

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Opulence - This abstract mixed media artwork represents the beauty of nature with a vase of opulent red, pink and purple flowers amongst luscious green foliage. It is hanging on a white wall with a white desk & chair. There is a white vase of flowers, books, and mala beads on the desk.

Original Artwork
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Enhance your environment and life by choosing art that inspires serenity, love, peace and beauty in your heart and soul.

When buying original artwork, you make an emotional connection with the art and the artist, you are supporting an artist’s creativity, and you can enjoy a unique and personal piece of art that reflects your taste and style for years to come.

Retreats & Workshops

Art, Yoga & Sound retreats and workshops are a great way to dive deep into your true self, relax, unwind, learn new skills, meet new people, transform, and take a break from the challenges of life.

Join us and experience the benefits of creativity, meditation, Yoga, sound and much more. There is grace and self-transformation through spending time in retreat or a workshop learning new skills and immersing yourself in daily practises.

You deserve it!

Buddha Heart - This mixed media artwork is an abstract representation of a female Buddha. In the foreground is a pink lotus flower as a symbol of transformation and enlightenment. There are various materials used to create the Asian calligraphy and bold brushstrokes in the background composition. The painting is hanging on a white wall with a chaise lounge, small table and tall lamp as decoration.

Self-Nurturing Blogs

Do you struggle to find time for yourself, to relax, recharge and enjoy the things that make you happy?

If so, you are not alone. Self-nurturing can help you cope with stress, boost your mood, enhance your health and discover your true passions in life. In my blog posts I will share with you the best ways I have found to self-nurture through techniques which enhance yourself helping you to lead a serene and harmonious life.

My purpose in life
is to share my love of serenity and beauty as well as my knowledge
and skills on creativity,
spirituality and self-nurturing,
helping others in their life.


Blushed Lotus - mixed media painting portrays pale pink lotus flowers with an abstract background amidst Asian calligraphy for love and peace. Lotus flowers are representative of growing out of the muddy waters of life with purity, serenity and natural beauty.
Through the Veil - original artwork of a half female Buddha face with a white veil down the right-hand side suggesting moving through the veil of maya, or illusion, in life, with is a turquoise and ochre lotus flower in the right-hand front corner with bold brushstrokes in the background enhancing the composition.

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a newspaper, cup of coffee and some flowers on a dek.
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A mixed media painting of a pink flower and green stem showing part of a hand with a stick of charcoal drawing around the stamens.
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Soul Devotion - An original artwork showing a female Buddha meditating, turquoise and ochre lotus in the foreground. In the background is a turquoise mandala pattern.

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Quiet Contemplation -detail of a Buddha's hand and lotus flower - original artwork of a large pink lotus flower with an ochre Buddha's hand in a hand mudra for peace and meditation.