“fill your life with art that inspires joy & happiness within”

Iā€™m maia martin

I am a passionate artist living with my husband and two cats, (one Layanese and one ‘rescued’ Persian) in the Redlands, Queensland, Australia. I paint unique, loose, free flowing paintings. Painting is my passion, my obsession, my addiction. I love sharing the joy I get as I paint with others through my paintings.

I always awe struck by how colours can bring a white canvas or piece of paper to life which then adds beauty, colour, and light to any environment. I let my paintings speak to me as I paint them and am often surprised at what happens on the canvas or the watercolour paper.
My aim is to bring joy, beauty and peace to an environment through my art so that the environment then feels like a sanctuary.

Stillness within allows joy and passion to arise

Creating beauty brings joy and passion to the surface

Sharing joy and passion is my souls journey

I am inspired by colour and nature. My art has a loose, flowing style, often with an Asian influence, using expressive line, and brushwork. All of my artworks are intuitively painted or drawn with colour, light and intensity to stir the soul bringing you art that is
refreshing, peaceful and filled with beauty

artworks for sale :
botanicals gallery 1 & 2
nature gallery
Asian inspired gallery
figurative gallery

My first job was as an air-brush artist. Since then I have studied different types of art. These include watercolours, acrylic painting, Chinese brush painting, charcoal drawing and others.

During the past 25-30yrs I have used alternative therapies to help myself and others open up to finding more joy and a new passion in life. As a trained art therapist and facilitator
as well as a yoga and meditation teacher this provides insight and self-knowledge
for myself and others.

My own studio work is my ‘addiction’ in life. Creative, intuitive art is fun, joyful and therapeutic. I love art for not only the colours, but also the beauty it creates. Visually and intuitively responding to the world around me helps to bring nature to me, as well as from me. I let my paintings speak to me as I paint them and am often surprised at what happens on the canvas or the watercolour paper. Consequently I love teaching small groups of students wanting to have a passion for intuitive art.

Yoga and meditation enhance my art in many ways. They help to calm my soul, allowing peace, joy, and intuition to rise up and this is then transferred onto my canvas or paper.

bali art & yoga retreats

Join us in Ubud, Bali, for an art, yoga and qigong retreat staying in a five star resort. Visiting temples, having massages, relaxing and generally chilling out in the beautiful
‘land of the Gods’. 6th – 19th May 2023. See retreat page for more details.