Hello, I’m Maia Martin.

Originally from New Zealand, my love of art began in high school. At that time, I painted my desk at home in really bright colours with large, stylised flowers. It was very hippy like! Encouraged by my art teacher to pursue a career in art, my first job after school was as an airbrush artist. As my family grew up, art became my creative outlet, and studying psychology at university, I did a minor in art.

I have been well known for interior decorating with Feng Shui, running workshops and courses, authoring books, and having a segment on television.

Moving countries

My husband and I left that busy lifestyle behind and moved to Australia. After moving countries, I devoted myself to spirituality and health with Yoga, Qigong, meditation, colour healing, sound healing, and energy work.

I am a trained art therapist. Have studied mandalas with Western teachers and a Tibetan Lama as well as completing an art course through the Milan Art Institute. I have also studied different art mediums over the years. For over 30 years I have taught energy practises and art. My passion for sharing knowledge has resulted in running retreats in Bali and workshops in Queensland, Australia. These workshops and retreats are designed to inspire, uplift, and create beauty in life.

Art Inspirations

In art I am inspired in part, by artists like Claude Monet for the colour, luminescence, and light in his paintings. Australian artist, Peter Laverty, for his abstract watercolours, containing white space and light. Cy Twombly for his colour, simplicity, white space and often writings on his paintings; plus, Asian artworks for their simplicity, serenity, and white space. I use these aspects of colour, simplicity, and light, in my own artworks.

Art Process

My art is a process of mixed media using inks, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, oils, and sometimes collage. I love creating watery looking acrylic or inks where there is white space, adding luminosity and freshness to a painting. I paint intuitively, and allow the painting to evolve, and am often surprised at what happens on the canvas or watercolour paper upon completion.

I use ritual, ceremony, or chants daily in my life. Every painting created is imbued with ritual, ceremony, and chants. I often use positive emotions, writing them underneath the painting, or on view throughout the painting, to enhance the finished work. Scientists have proven that just one positive word can change our entire DNA.

My hope is that my art changes the DNA, stirs the divine within, inspires the spirit with love, peace, and joy of the viewer. Years ago, an astrologer told me it was time to bring the divine within, out, and it took years of pondering this statement. I now see that anything beautiful is Divine. Beauty inspires people with peace, love, and joy, helping to change the world.


My studio has nature views encompassing magnificent trees and birdlife. Nature is my inspiration. My family are all grown and have flown the nest so I now devote my days to self-nurturing, spirituality, and art. I live with my husband and two beautiful cats – a Himalayan girl and Ragdoll boy.

“Every day is a self-nurturing and art day!”

Myself and photographer husband’s dream in life is to move to an outer rural area, surrounded by inspiring nature. We would both love a large studio / workshop space / gallery there. I plan on sharing my knowledge and skills through workshops & retreats, blogs and newsletters.

“Thank you for viewing my joy and passions in life. I hope there is something that inspires serenity and beauty in you and your life. Blessings and happiness!”

Currently I’m working on

Creating more serenity, love and beauty in my life so that it flows out to all of the world.

The Asian belief is that the more peace and serenity we create within ourselves, the more the world becomes peaceful and serene. Just like the pebble that’s thrown into a pond, the ripples go outwards and outwards. Nothing explains this more than Gandhi’s saying which I love, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

If there was more love and peace in the world, the tide would change, and we would see a new world born.

Photo of Maia Martin playing crystal bowls for sound healing session.
Photo of Maia Martin holding paintbrushes and surrounded by her original paintings of landscapes, Buddhas and florals.

“Art washes away the dirt of life”

Pablo Picaso

My Favorite Things

Blushed Lotus - mixed media painting portrays pale pink lotus flowers with an abstract background amidst Asian calligraphy for love and peace. Lotus flowers are representative of growing out of the muddy waters of life with purity, serenity and natural beauty.

02. Lotus Flowers

Lotus flowers represent rising from the ‘mud’ of EVERYDAY life towards the light or transformation & enlightenment.
A mixed media painting of a pink flower and green stem showing part of a stick of charcoal drawing around the stamens.
Red Roses - Original artwork of a vase filled with red roses and some green leaves. The roses have long stems and are in full bloom, showing their bright red petals. The vase reflects the light from a nearby window. The painting conveys a sense of romance and elegance. T

04. Flowers

They say God laughs in flowers. For me this is so true. They are so beautiful and I often wonder how they are so perfect.
Purple Bougainvillea - Original artwork of a purple bougainvillea and green leaves hanging from above and gently blowing in the breeze. The flowers and hanging leaves contain reflections from the light above. On the right-hand side is Asian calligraphy from the Tao te Ching about living a beneficial life. The painting conveys a sense of romance and elegance.

06. Artworks

Art that holds you spellbound by the colour, the feel and joy that it brings you as the viewer.
Soul Devotion - An original artwork showing a female Buddha meditating, turquoise and ochre lotus in the foreground. In the background is a turquoise mandala pattern.
Wisdom's Grace - This abstract mixed media artwork portrays a peaceful and meditative Buddha, one of the most recognisable figures in Eastern art. It is ochre and turquoise with a lotus flower representing growing from the mud of life towards, purity, transformation, and enlightenment. The abstracted background contains Asian calligraphy for love, while the positive words of love, peace, and joy enhance the overall composition. The painting is hanging on a turquoise wall behind a wooden table, teapot and cups.

01. Buddha’s

Female Buddha’s portraying peace, love, and joy within.When we have peace within, it goes out to the world in a ripple effect.

03. Nature

Nature in all it’s glory is amazing and often takes our breath away. Hummingbirds are one of those glory’s.

05. Landscapes

Another thing that takes your breath away. When you see a sight that makes you stop and stare you know nature has created another magnificent scene for you.

The perfect fit

Let’s work together on your commissioned artwork!

Contact me if you are wanting a commissioned artwork to enhance your environment, your life and your surroundings.

Jade hummingbird in the garden flying amidst vibrant turquoise, ochre and pink flowers and foliage original abstract artwork.
Luscious Pink - This mixed media artwork portrays the natural beauty of vibrant, luscious pink abstracted flowers surrounded by an abstract background containing beautiful blues, ochres, and uplifting writing.

Take a peek at…

Soul Devotion - An original artwork showing a female Buddha meditating, turquoise and ochre lotus in the foreground. In the background is a turquoise mandala pattern.

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