about maia martin

passionate artist
lover of nature and mother earth
animal lover
meditation & yoga enthusiast

My first job was as an air-brush artist and I am back to using an airbrush for some processes in my art. I feel like I have now gone full circle! Since my first job I have studied different types of art. These include watercolours, acrylic painting, Chinese brush painting, charcoal drawing and others.

I have also used alternative therapies during the past 30 years to help myself and others open up to finding more joy and a new passion in life. As a trained art therapist and facilitator as well as yoga and meditation teacher I find I am provided with insight and
self-knowledge for both myself and others.

My own studio work is my ‘addiction’ in life, I am in my studio space just about every day because it fills me with so much joy and inspiration in my life. My love of art is not only for the colours, but also for the beauty it creates. I respond to the world around me intuitively and visually. Simply because all of nature inspires and uplifts me. My paintings speak to me as I paint them and I am often surprised at what happens on the canvas or the watercolour paper. My friends have said my art is refreshing, joyful, peaceful, and beauty inspired by nature.

For years I yearned to bring the divine within me out into my paintings and I now realise the divine is within everything beautiful. Art can be one of those beautiful things in the world. By using sound, ritual, meditation and then paint, an exciting process happens. We can create intuitive art that is flowing and moving from the unconscious part of us. It comes from deep within our souls, the divine within.

Rumi the 16th century poet wrote “There is a voice within that doesn’t use words. Listen”.

My own practice of yoga and meditation enhance my art in many ways. They help to calm my soul, allowing peace, joy, and intuition to rise up. I use and teach Yoga and Meditation during art workshops, courses and retreats because I love the peace and stillness it brings to both myself and others.

My passion in life is to have internal fulfillment and help others create a new energy within, find their sacredness and joy, while nurturing themselves in daily life. My purpose in life is to bring the divine within, out.  By combining art, ritual, sound, yoga and meditation, intuition and soul guidance this leads to an enhanced creative process for myself and others when in retreats or workshops.

I share my love of art offering intuitive art, qigong, yoga, and meditation retreats in Queensland, Australia as well as in Ubud, Bali.

“art is everywhere, and everywhere is art.”


commissions accepted

Please Note: Commissions are accepted and I will paint to the best of my ability with your preference in colours, substrate, and size in mind. As I paint intuitively I will add the painting to my website and give you first right of refusal in case it is not what you had in mind.