Graceful Light

$780.00 incl. GST

Original Artwork
76cm (h) x 56cm (w)
Mixed Media
Requires framing


Graceful Light

I love nature, beauty and colour and this has inspired my abstract nature series. ‘Graceful Light’ was inspired by free-flowing blues and turquoises on pristine white paper and allowing the painting to dictate the direction it goes. It is awe inspiring and so spectacular watching the shapes and colours appear on the paper and then creating something from this.

‘Graceful Light’ was created by using a flowing, fluid multi-directional mixed media technique to create the shimmering patterns in waves that reminded me of the beauty, luminosity, and grace of light as it shines on plants in the ocean. This is a unique, original one-off painting that happens with this process of fluid multi-directional mixed media technique. No two paintings are ever the same!

Bringing the beauty of the natural world to you in a vibrant, free flowing, loose style of abstract mixed media painting. This painting would lift your environment or room by adding nature, colour, beauty and light.


This artwork is an original painting using:

* Professional grade mixed media products

* Professional grade quality 300gms watercolour paper

The artwork signed by the artist

A Certificate of Authenticity supplied with the artwork

In Situ Photos

In situ photos portray artwork on a wall and these were created with an app. The photos of the artwork are as close to the actual size as possible. Please measure the dimensions of the work on your wall to make sure you are purchasing the correct size for your requirements.

Packaging & Delivery

This artwork is available, ready for purchase and delivery to your door. The artwork leaves my studio within 3 business days. It is carefully prepared for shipping with archival tissue paper wrap and placed in a sturdy cardboard tube. Delivery is included in the artworks price.

Signed on the front.


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