Blossoming Lotus

$360.00 incl. GST

Original Artwork
40cm (w) x 50cm (h) x 1.5cm (d)
Mixed Media on canvas
Ready to Hang


Blossoming Lotus

Due to my spiritual path, as well as teaching Qigong and Yoga for many years I have a complete love and devotion of female Buddha’s, mandala’s, which I have studied and drawn for many years including Tibetan Mandalas with a Lama, and a love of lotus flowers. Asian calligraphy is used to create positive words emanating from many of my paintings.

I love nature, beauty, and colour, which has inspired my nature series. Vincent Van Gogh said, “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” Lotus flowers are the epitome of nature’s beauty. They hold you spell bound when you see them growing in a pond towards the light. Art can invoke many joyous feelings, memories, and reflections. By surrounding ourselves with art that brings us happiness and joy such as beautiful lotus flowers, we bring that into our life.

The lotus has been considered extraordinary for centuries, from the ancient Egyptians to the Hindu’s, Buddhists, and many other religions. It is known for its symbolism where it is considered that the roots are bedded in the muddy waters, representing our material world and the ‘mud’ we experience. While the flower itself grows towards the sun shining down on it, representing our growth and steps towards transformation and enlightenment.

Bringing the beauty of the natural world to you in a vibrant, free flowing, loose style of abstract painting. This painting would lift your environment or room by adding nature, colour, beauty, and light. As well as the symbolism of the lotus flower opening and unfurling to the sunlight.

This painting was created by using a flowing, fluid mixed media technique. This is a unique, original one-off painting that happens with this process of fluid multi-directional technique. No two paintings are ever the same as each painting emerges in its own way!


This painting was completed as an original, one-off painting using:

This painting was completed as an original, one-off painting using:
* Professional grade mixed media products
* Professional grade quality canvas
* Professional grade varnish
* Ready to hang with picture wire in place
* Signed by the artist (this painting was signed after the photography was completed)
* A Certificate of Authenticity is supplied

In Situ Photos

In situ photos have been used to give you a clear idea of the way the painting will look on your wall. In situ photos were created in an app and I have tried to represent them as close to the actual size as possible but please measure the dimensions of the work on your wall to make sure you are purchasing the correct size for your requirements.

Packaging & Delivery

This artwork is available, ready for purchase and delivery to your door. It leaves my studio within 3 business days and is carefully prepared for shipping with archival tissue paper wrap, in a sturdy cardboard tube to complete the packaging. Delivery is included in the artworks price.

Signed on the front.



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