Yoga Classes

People turn too Yoga for many reasons. To relieve stress, gain flexibility, heal the body, or perhaps to improve their energy. Yoga is also helping you to create a unique inner journey of self-development and growth.

The word Yoga originates from the Sanskrit word literally meaning ‘union’. The underlying purpose of Yoga is to not only create a flexible and balanced body but to also join in union the Infinite Self, Pure Consciousness, God, Buddha nature, or whatever you call it, while quietening the mind. With regular practice of Yoga you can calm your mind, strengthen your body and allow your soul to shine brightly while creating more peace in your life.

Yoga classes are a mix of gentle therapeutic styles incorporating mainly Hatha Yoga, energy work and relaxation/meditation/Yoga Nidra. In this way, you are able to stretch the body, increase your flexibility and also empower yourself with self-knowledge. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate you can work to your own body’s ability and flexibility.

I am a qualified and experienced Yoga teacher with a passion for helping those with ‘challenges’ in their bodies, as well as helping people to find their quietness, peace and bliss within.

Yoga Classes – Zoom

Monday Evening 6.30pm – 7.30pm (General Hatha Yoga)

Class Info: 

Yoga classes consist of a centering meditation, which I talk you through, to allow you to relax and let go of the outside world.

Following that we perform some gentle muscle relaxing techniques to get the body and muscles activated. Yoga poses, in a gentle flowing type sequence, are then held for a few breathes so that your body, mind and soul go deep within.

Following this, a gentle slow down pose is done to lead you into a deep relaxation technique called Yoga Nidra. I talk you through Yoga Nidra which produces a feeling of deep relaxation and inner peace allowing integration of the mind, body and soul with the Yoga poses so that you finish feeling peaceful, relaxed and blissful.

Location: This class is conducted on Zoom for your convenience at home. No need to go out!

Class Investment: $15 per class or a block of 4 sessions $55. (payment in advance of class required to receive Zoom ID password).

Contact Maia on for bookings and bank transfer details.

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