Epiphany Burst

$810.00 incl. GST

Inspired by the amazing sparkling beauty of a turquoise sky and sea which often provide you with an ‘epiphany’

Epiphany Burst

60cm (w) x 90cm (h)
AUD 810

Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

I have a love of turquoises and this love inspires a lot of my paintings. When it comes to doing an abstract artwork I always seem drawn to use turquoise and blue with lots of white. This painting was no exception.

When I stood back and spent some time considering what this painting represented for me, I thought of how we often have a burst of self-knowledge, insight, or epiphany. We have no idea where this comes from but deep within ourselves something is awakened, and it rises to the surface for us to be stunned that we haven’t ‘seen’ that before.

Epiphany Burst was created by using a free flowing, fluid multi-directional technique to create the shimmering patterns and a burst of energy. This is a unique, original one-off painting that happens with this process of fluid multi-directional abstract technique. No two paintings are ever the same! Beautiful blues, turquoises, gold, sand, white and payn’es grey were used to create this painting.

This artwork has been finished with archival varnish to protect and enhance the painting.

This painting was completed as an original, one off painting using:
* Professional grade acrylic colours
* Professional grade quality deep edged canvas
* Professional grade varnish
* Ready to hang with picture wire in place
* Signed by the artist
* A Certificate of Authenticity is supplied

In Situ Photos
In situ photos have been used to give you a clear idea of the way the painting will look on your wall. In situ photos were created in an app and I have tried to represent them as close to the actual size as possible but please measure the dimensions of the work on your wall to make sure you are purchasing the correct size for your requirements.

Packaging & Delivery
This artwork is available, ready for purchase and delivery to your door. It leaves my studio within 3 business days and is carefully prepared for shipping with archival tissue paper wrap, the corners covered, 3 layers of bubble wrap and sturdy cardboard to complete the packaging. Delivery in Australia is included in the artworks price.




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