Explore your inner self, where you can access your search for completeness, self-unity and inner divinity helping to create a profound rebalancing within.

Mediation is an enrichment to your soul – creates peace and joy – literally rewiring your brain.

Meditation is a wonderful and powerful technique that can touch us in many ways, helping you to become more peaceful, centred and compassionate with others. Regular meditation has shown to have a definite effect on our physiological and psychological well-being. It has been proven to lower the levels of stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, within the body, thereby boosting immunity and contributing to happiness.

Patanjali’s classic text on Yoga—The Yoga Sutras, is essentially a text or manual of ‘how to’ for meditation. Meditation is discussed even before the Yoga postures, or asanas, and is described as ‘the withdrawal of the mind from the messages of the senses’. Meditation helps us to withdraw the mind leading to more peace in life.

As beginners, and even seasoned meditators, meditation can be difficult and staying focused is sometimes very hard as the mind is either busy planning the future or past skipping. Most people generally have an active mind or a short attention span but by the use of specific techniques we can keep the mind actively involved and centered. 

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Session Info: 

I like to teach meditation in a one on one session with each person as everyone’s needs are different and the meditation technique that suits one person may be different from someone else. In this way you are getting the most from your meditation.

During a one-on-one meditation session, I will take through a planned meditation session designed especially for you for the time you want to allocate daily.

There are specific techniques that have been shown to produce a meditative state quickly and easily. To get into a meditative state can take anything from 45-60 minutes and if you have tried to just sit and meditate you will realise how hard that is. Fortunately, there are techniques taught from the Masters and Yogi’s that help to develop a centred way of dropping into meditation much quicker. This is what I will teach you and I will provide you with a printout of your personal plan for meditation.

Location: 69 Salisbury St, Redland Bay, QLD

Session Investment: $90

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