All artwork listed here is available for sale. All paintings are acrylic on canvas, sealed with varnish. Paintings are posted free of charge, either on stretcher bars or rolled in a tube for safety depending on delivery addresses.

World Wide Shipping Available !

Maia Martin

Blooms Collection

Blooms paintings are created using the intuitive art process giving rise to free flowing forms of the natural beauty that surrounds us in nature.

please note: Blooms paintings are acrylic on canvas, sealed for protection.

Maia Martin

Water Colour Collection

Watercolour paintings contain a luminosity that shines through each painting. The Intuitive art process is used to create these paintings from deep within my well of creativity.

please note: These paintings are sold either matted or attached to art boards.

Maia Martin

Nature Collection

Nature and all its beauty is full of colour and movement. I try to capture the joy and colour of nature in my paintings. Nature paintings are acrylic on canvas, sealed for protection.

Maia Martin

Figurative Art Collection

Colour and beauty created through art is a deep expression of joy within. The intuitive art process I use is an exciting process allowing me to create with abandon, joy, and tapping into the deep well of creativity within my soul.

Maia Martin

Goddesses Collection

Goddess’s reveal themselves from deep within and there is always a feeling of recognition, as though a part of me has come up and out onto the paper.

please note: These charcoal drawings are on art quality paper and sealed to prevent smudging. Goddess drawings are sold matted.

Original Artwork for Sale

Visit my Online Shop where I sell all my original Artwork Pieces. I paint with Acrylic Paint, Water Colours and now doing Charcoal Drawings, all available for purchase online.

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