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Intuitive Art
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Experience Intuitive Art to access your inspiration and creativity within. By letting go of the rational mind and the inner critic we are guided from deep within creating wondrous artworks.

The Intuitive Art process is exciting because you can create with abandon, joy. As a result you will tap into the deep well of creativity within you. Open your heart and mind to your inner creative soul, your inner divinity. Explore your inner self, the deep sacred part of your soul using meditation, intent, ritual, creativity and intuitive art.

When we use techniques to tap into our deep self, our true joyful self emerges. The outside world falls away, and we start to live our life more authentically. By allowing your inner creativity to rise-up you will gain an insight into your deeper self. This will move you forward in sacredness and reverence on your journey.

With Intuitive Art you don’t need to be an artist to enjoy this process. Joy of expressing yourself creatively with arise. I have taught many people who have never painted before and they have gone away with inspiring works of art. Allow me to show you how to open up to your joy and excitement by using this process. It is deceptively simple and effective.

Class/workshop Info: 

During Intuitive Art courses or workshops you will learn how to create intuitively. With the aid of meditation and sound you can tap into your well of creativity lying deep within.

There will be varying methods and techniques taught so that you create a painting to take home.

You will also learn to have fun with paint. Passion from within and excitement will arise. Your personal journey into the Intuitive Art process will grow and you can create beautiful works of art at home.

Location: 69 Salisbury St, Redland Bay, QLD

What to Bring: Materials List Supplied When Booking

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I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have loved coming to class each week, it’s been the absolute highlight of every weekend, and has given me the courage to embrace something new that I enjoy, and not worry about what other people may think of my creations.

Your gentle guidance and ability to instill a sense of self-belief in us as adults, is simply beautiful – and I am so genuinely grateful to you for your support, your non-judgemental guidance and your ability to share your own amazing talent with us so easily.  Carol A

I want to thank you Maia for such an enjoyable & rewarding experience. My initial feelings of apprehensio soon disappeared in the nurturing and peaceful setting you created for our art classes.

I loved the sound healing & meditation at the start of our sessions which reall provided the grounding needed, to just let go and be creative. Thanks for your support and gentle guidance, my confidence and self-belief grew with each session and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Lisa T

It seems a long time since I used a paint brush solely for me and tapping into my creative side. Having spent the time with you in the journey of meditation and having permission to play with paint was liberating. With your guidance and patience I was able to create my own divine within art masterpiece which has become a personal favourite. Ellaine O