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You & Meditation

All Yoga classes are tailored towards beginners and intermediate levels. Beginners are most welcome to attend as everyone works to their own body and what their body can and can’t do on any day/evening.

Most people who come to Yoga are in the same position but with time and dedication to Yoga you will find your body slowly opening and one day you may notice you can touch your toes, or not! Everything is as it is, there is no judgement about what you can or can’t do.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can bend and stretch in. Most people wear leggings and t-shirt.

Due to Covid it is a good idea to have your own Yoga mat, a large beach towel to lie on, a small cushion to sit on, a bolster for your legs when lying if you want, a throw rug to put over you when it is cold, plus water to drink. We do use Yoga straps and blocks (as our arms are shorter than our legs and these assist us). If you have your own bring them along.

Yoga and/or meditation is beneficial for many things such as stress, worry, anxiety, insomnia, inflexibility, boosting your mood, improving mental clarity, helping with arthritis and painful backs.

These are of course not quick fixes, but with dedication to nurturing yourself though Yoga and meditation you can achieve well-being and peace.

My aim is to have everyone coming to classes feeling totally relaxed, stress free and going away from class in a state of calmness, inner peace, and tranquility.

In the majority of Yoga classes we go through a centering meditation to allow you to relax and let go of the outside world. We then go through some gentle muscle relaxing techniques to get the body activated. Yoga poses that are then held, and at the end of class we do a deep relaxation technique called Yoga Nidra to produce a feeling of relaxation and inner peace. You just follow along.

During a one-on-one meditation session I will take through a planned meditation session for you using techniques that have been shown to get you into a meditative state quickly and easily. Most people think you just sit and meditate. To get into a meditative state can take anything from 45-60 minutes and if you have tried to just sit and meditate you will realise how hard that is. But there are techniques taught from the Master’s and Yogi’s that help to develop a centred way of dropping into meditation quicker. This is what I will teach you.

Meditation is preferably done at least once per day, every day, so that you create a calm and tranquil state within. How long you meditate is up to you. I always suggest people start with 10 minutes as we can all find 10 minutes during a day, then once you get to like the feeling it creates, start increasing it slowly. You are better to do a short, focused session rather than a long unfocused one or a short everyday session rather than a long once per week session. Once you love it and feel the bliss within, you can do more sessions daily if you like.


These courses are for all levels from beginners to artists looking for a fresh way of bringing creativity up from within and out onto the canvas.

Definitely not! All the art we do is a process from meditation / sound / centering, and then bringing forth whatever is within. There is nothing to be afraid of as everything is possible and acceptable. If you can draw a line, you can do The Art of Creativity process. I have taught many people who have never painted or who have had bad experiences of being told they can’t paint, and they have gone home with something they have loved. As a trained Art Therapist I help you through all your concerns and worries around producing ‘art’.

You will learn varying methods and techniques to tap into your creativity within, how to do different styles of backgrounds easily, and then how to resolve that into a painting.

You will also learn to have fun, passion, and excitement around The Art of Creativity.

Art itself is so very beneficial for things such as stress, worry, anxiety, boosting your mood, and improving your mental / emotional state so that you are filled with a feeling of joy, passion, and excitement. 

This style is intuitive, abstract art, for the background, and then background is resolved with techniques that are taught to you to produce a finished painting that you love.

There will be a maximum of 8 people so that you will have access to me helping you through the whole process.

I will provide you with a materials list before the class. These materials are not expensive. We work with acrylic paints.

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