Intuitive Painting Workshop Redland Bay

Experience Intuitive Art to access your inspiration and beauty within. When we let go of the rational mind, the inner critic, and allow ourselves to be guided by a deeper force we can create wondrous artworks of beauty.

For years I yearned to bring the divine within up and out into my paintings and I found this in the process I call the Art of Creativity. I share my love of art, painting, and offering Art of Creativity sessions, workshops, courses and retreats in Queensland, Australia and Ubud, Bali. Art of Creativity is an exciting process creating intuitive art that is flowing and moving from the unconscious part of us, deep within our souls.

I love art for not only the colours but also the beauty it creates. It fills my soul with joy. I am an artist because essentially this allows me to bring forth beauty and joy from deep within.
The intuitive Art of Creativity I teach is an exciting process of creating with abandon, joy, and tapping into the deep well of creativity within all of us.

I teach creative, intuitive art in one-on-one sessions, workshops, courses and retreats, where you will tap into your creativity within. Open your heart and mind to your inner creative soul, your inner divinity. Explore your inner self, the sacred deep part of your soul using meditation, intent, ritual, creativity and intuitive art.

Allow your inner creativity to rise-up and you will have an insight into your deeper self so that you can move forward in sacredness and reverence on your journey.

By using sound, ritual, meditation and painting everyone can connect to their true joyful self, the outside world falls away, and you start to live your life more authentically. You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy the intuitional Art of Creativity process and the joy of expressing yourself creatively. I have taught many people who have never painted before in their life and they have gone away with beautiful works of art. Allow me to show you how to open to your joy and excitement by using the Art of Creativity process, which is deceptively simple and effective.

No artistic experience or ability is required as instruction will be given. Just be there with an open mind and heart ready to find the deep beauty within yourself.


Intuitive Painting Workshop Redland Bay

Course Info: 

During Art of Creativity Courses or Workshops you will learn how to create intuitive backgrounds with the help of meditation and sound so that you can tap into your well of creativity lying deep within.

There will be varying methods and techniques taught so that you know how to do different styles of backgrounds easily. After each background you will then learn how to ‘see’ what has appeared and how to resolve that into a painting to take home.

This 4 Week course will also learn to have fun, passion, and excitement around your own personal journey into The Art of Creativity and how you can continue to create beautiful works of art.

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Location: 69 Salisbury St, Redland Bay, QLD

Course Investment: $180 excludes materials 

What to Bring: Materials List Supplied When Booking

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